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December, 2014


Global Health Information Technology Awareness

Awareness, a Societal Challenge

The GHITA-ICMCC Event will be postponed till 2012.
Novotel Amsterdam City

We have to recognize that the patient is the true integrator. It is just that we haven't equipped them with the tools to fulfill that Integrator role in an easy, secure but transparent manner.
Should Patients have access to their Data?, Mark Scrimshire

It is not just data and health information, it is also accepting new technology being a part of your life to help keeping fit and well or to monitor your condition: Health Information Technology.

This new development will have an enormous impact on the way we deal with health and care.
Health 2.0, as it is called, will cause the biggest paradigm shift since the introduction of modern medicine with a leading role for the patient.

Patients (citizens) for the most part are not aware about what is coming towards them. Digital Homecare, e-patients, EHR, mHealth, self-management, Participatory Health and Medicine, they have no clue what these mean. Nor do many of the medical and health professionals.

GHITA intends to change this. The first Global Health IT Awareness Event will clarify these new developments, the new physician-patient partnership, the new active role of the patient in his or her care and cure path.
GHITA will help finding the right tools.

For all citizens, as we will all be patients one day.



How does information technology influence your life? What is the impact of computing and networking? Does the recent technology change your day-to-day behaviour? That's what compunetics is about. The social, societal and ethical aspects of the use of computing and networking (click here to read how we started using the word and how the definition developped).
ICMCC looks at those aspects in medicine and care.


ICMCC has established itself over the years as one of the leading sources of information compunetics. And due to its goals ICMCC is one of the very few global organizations who by default have a strong focus on the role of the patient.


The rapid developments in the field of medical and care ICT, due to Internet and iPhone a.o., entail chances and challenges, include benefits and risks. On both the patient and the provider side, however, there is an apparent lack of awareness about the existence of Health Information Technology, about how it can be used, about how it should be used, about the benefits, legal and social implications.


Therefore ICMCC intends to organize in 2012 the first Global Health IT Awareness Event. We invite all stakeholders (industry (device, telecom, pharma), medicine, health, patients, insurers, governments) to take part in this event that will host both scientific and social sessions.


If you are interested in particpiating or sponsoring and be part of this unique event,
please contact us at ghita [at] icmcc [dot] org.


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The organizers do not accept responsibility for individual medical, travel or personal insurance and participants are advised to take out their own insurance policies. The organisers cannot assume liability for changes in or cancellation of the programme due to any circumstances.



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